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Egypt best tattoo

Egypt best tattoo

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Egypt best tattoo Recently, in addition to the increasing demand to tattoo, the so-called tattoos have become more and more popular in Egypt, in resorts and beaches, tattoos spread between young people and women, and between boys and girls, you will see that tattoos in the different bodies of Egyptians in tattoo research, tattoos are divided under different names.

Egypt best tattoo

Osos tattoo Studio is considered to be one of the Egypt best tattoo, one of the best places with many customer certifications, this place can provide high quality services and various forms of tattoos.

Steps of tattoo

The process of tattooing, in Egypt best tattoo start by

 •choosing a design is the first step in making a tattoo.

•choose the color and size of the tattoo. 

•Consider where the tattoo will be created

•Check the proper location to create the tattoo safely.

•you should be ready, it is a bit painful when preparing the tattoo.

•put the tattoos on your skin.

 Pay attention to after care procedures after making tattoo, this is very necessary.

Disadvantages of tattoo

•It is difficult to remove completely.

•If it is black, its color will change to blue over time.

•Over time, its color will fade slightly.

•It hurts when applied.

•If new, sterile tools are not used, many diseases, such as AIDS and liver disease, will spread.

•The longer it takes for the skin to heal from the tattoo wound, the bigger it gets.

But if you choose maintain hygiene tattoo studio you will create your tattoo safely without any danger or infections.

The way to save tattoos  

The only way to care after making Egypt best tattoo by:

 •Only after the tattoo is done, treatment begins, the artist should: 

• Apply a thin layer of oil to the tattoo.

• Then cover the area with a bandage or plastic wrap, this coating prevents bacteria from entering your skin.

• It can also protect the tattoo from friction and irritation of clothing.

• It will help to absorb any liquid or excess ink consumed in the tattoo.

• After work, you can remove the bandage.

• First wash your hands with warm, soapy warm water.

• Then gently wash the tattoo with soap and water.

The reason for spreading a tattoo in Egypt

  Egypt is similar to any fad in society that will affect the psychology of its fans, He found that those whose father or mother died while trying to paint are a good memory. When you look at it, you will be very excited.

In addition to advising plastic surgeons on burns or injuries caused by plastic surgery or ban حجرdages, tattoos should also be designed to cover defects that cannot be achieved by plastic surgery and the importance of tattoos here.

Types of tattoo

Types of Egypt best tattoo

•First: permanent tattoo: This is a type of tattoo that is used to inject permanent ink into the skin, this ink cannot be washed or changed.

When you need a permanent tattoo:

•If you exercise regularly, such as swimming, walking, cycling, tennis, and sports.

• If you continue to worry about sweating, •If you don’t have time to put on makeup all day and all night.

The initial process is between 30 and 120 minutes, first the color will become brighter or darker, and then it will gradually light up until it suits your choice, typically, you don’t need to spend the same amount of time on color updates every year, and color updates are done almost every year until the color isn’t bright.

•Second: temporary tattoos

they only last for a short period of time, weeks or months, Patches are considered the easiest and favorite method for young people.

Advantages of temporary tattoos:


•Get new shapes and colors with more flexibility.

•Henna is natural and will not cause any harm.

•Avoid the danger of constant tattoos.

•Temporary tattoo ink will not be absorbed by the skin.

•It can be easily deleted at any time.

You can also visit Osos tattoo website to check the variety styles of tattoo in their gallery from Here.

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The prices of tattoo

The price varies according to the color, size and whether it is the first time you wear it or if you already have a tattoo, but the price of the Egypt best tattoo is not expensive for everyone.

Tattoos are no longer just tattoos created by some people for beauty or to turn them into fashion, On the contrary, for many people, expressing their favorite wisdom or learning from life is an important aspect, We like to create tattoos to appreciate the tattoo, Exciting experience, not to create new tattoos and enjoy new experiences in the Egypt best tattoo.

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