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Osos tattoo

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Osos tattoo The art of making tattoo is tattooing. Tattoo artist can apply a tattoo over your skin by using a simple machine with a very thin needle using some special ink. Osos Egypt tattoo is one of the most popular studios in Egypt where you can make a different types and shapes of tattoo over your body. 

Why people like tattoo

Making a tattoo over any part of your body is very impressive and fashionable. Men and women both like to make a tattoo over their bodies. Tattoo can show your own identity, it can make you feel better and more confident.

A lot of tattoo lovers believe that tattoos can make them more attractive and different. Creating a tattoo can make you more unique and elegant.

What is the main steps of tattooing process

  1. Choosing the design is the First step to make a tattoo.
  2. Think about the color and the size of the tattoo
  3. Think about the place where you are going to create the tattoo
  4. Check the right place where you can create your tattoo safely.
  5. Prepare yourself for a little bit pain during tattooing process.
  6. Get the tattoo over your skin
  7. Pay attention to the aftercare procedure, it’s very essential.

Tattoo artists in Osos tattoo

Osos tattoo has number of tattoo artists who is working hard and doing their best to design unique and different tattoos. If you want to make a beautiful, elegant and new tattoo by a qualified tattoo artist who have a passion of tattoos, you have to visit Osos tattoo Egypt studio.

Different Shapes of tattoos

You can check different shapes and pictures of tattoos through the website of Osos tattoo from HERE.

The size and the color of tattoo design can change according to the tattoo design you choose to make.

You can create a tattoo at any part of your body like head, arms, legs

, feet, hands, inside wrist, neck and fingers.

Most popular kinds of tattoos

Creating a tattoo over your body is hard decision for some people, because tattoos are permanent and life changing. Here we are giving you some samples of tattoo styles:

  1. Traditional tattoo which is elegant and timeless. The colors of this kind of tattoos are always black and gray.
  2. Real tattoos like the shapes of animals and nature.
  3. Colored tattoos with a different colors and shapes like flowers or characters.
  4. Japanese tattoos with many colors and large shapes of dragons and wild animals.
  5. Scare tattoo can help to hide an old scare over your skin.

How to take care of your skin after tattooing?

Tattoo aftercare is very important to heal the skin after tattooing. You have to follow some after care steps, which is:

  1. After tattooing, the skin may be infected or scared so you have to make sure that the scare heals properly.
  2. Tattoo artist after tattooing apply a thin bandage made of plastic wrap to cover the tattoo. After a few hours, you can remove this bandage and wash your skin gently.
  3. Apply ointment to the tattoo.
  4. If you found any infection or any big scares on your tattoo, you should ask a doctor for help.
  5. Don’t try to scratch the tattoo.
  6. Tattoo healing time depends on the size and the place of the tattoo, bigger tattoos will take longer to heal.
  7. Don’t ever touch the tattoo with dirty hands, wash it gently with a warm water.
  8. Watch the tattoo every day to make sure that the redness is fading away every day.
  9. Don’t wear any tight clothes over the tattoo.

Can you remove a tattoo?

In the past, it was impossible to remove a tattoo. Tattoos were created as permanent tattoos, but now a days you can easily remove any tattoo by laser and many other ways like surgeries and silicon.

How to contact Osos tattoo

Osos tattoo is located in Shobra masr, 174 El teraa Elbolakya St. you can contact them on 01001149539 working hours every day from 11 Am until 1 Am.

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Kindly contact Osos tattoo and reserve your appointment and to create your new unique tattoo.

We can say that tattoos are the pain that cause pleasure. We love to create our tattoo to enjoy the exciting experience of tattooing. Don’t hesitate to create your new tattoo and enjoy the new experience.

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