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Tattoo in EYGPT

Tattoo in EYGPT

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Tattoo in EYGPT , Have you ever seen a picture on your friend’s body for ahorse or some lines, for example?

It’s Tattoo. So, when we talk about it we should know the meaning of it. Tattoo is made with a needle in a small machine the artist put the ink on your skin to make identify picture. In the past, Egyptians and Nubians practiced tattooing. As we know,there are many kinds of tattoo. There are old and modern types,  which we are going to talk about _ in detail_ in the article.

Tattoo in EYGPT Old Tattoo Methods in Egypt:

Tattoo are finally socially accepted in Egypt (at least for a bit), and everyone is getting on the trend. let we talk about the old tattoo methods in Egypt. Two strategies seen to have been utilized within tattooing by customary social orders to bring the color into the subcutaneous layers of skin:

The sewing and the cut routines. The sewing system is to make lines; up to 40 join are utilize to make a line 5cm long. A looked at needle is utilized with a bit of twine or ligament darkened with sediment. In ancient Egypt, decision making from the patterns found on tattooed desiccated human remains.

Tattoo in old Egypt:

تم رسم الأنماط لأول مرة على الجلد بواسطة منشئ الوشم بالإبر ، ثم تم ثقب الجلد بإيذاء أداة الوشم قبل سرقة صبغة السخام. كما هو الحال في البدائل ، يمكن أن تكون نقاط إبر الوشم متأرجحة داخل خليط السخام ، و بمجرد ثقب الإبر للجلد ، تُرك الصباغ عميقًا داخل طبقة الجلد. الوشم في EYGPT.

 قد ينزف السطح الموشوم أو لا ، ولكن يمكن أن يصبح متورمًا ويتجعد. كل من النيلة والسخام لها خصائص مطهرة تعمل على منع العدوى ، ويمكن تطبيق الأعشاب مثل القرنفل أو أوراق البنجر الأبيض بمجرد اكتمال الوشم لتقوية نمط الوشم وخفض التورم. مرة واحدة 3 إلى 7 أيام يمكن أن يسقط الجرب من الفعل وشم في عمق الحبر.

Tattoo in EYGPT Tattoo in modern Egypt:

The tattoo in fashionable Egypt showed several changes regarding its tools and inks, the trendy tools square measure each sterile and disposable that decreases the danger for infection. In Egypt the situation differ from that in USA as in USA, where tattoo inks square measure subject to regulation by the US Food and Drug Administration as cosmetics and color additives. The agency and medical practitioners have noted that several inks pigments employed in tattoos square measure “industrial strength colors appropriate for printers ink or automobile paint”. Tattoo in EYGPT .

Modern types of Tattoo in Egypt:

As we say above, there are many modern types of tattoo in Egypt. One of them is improving tattoo.It’s become known since the last Nienteen Seventies. It’s a permenat makeup. It also used to displace old temporary makeup like: eyeliner, lip liner, blush. Many people used it to avoid wasting their time. However, it does not remain for a long time. And it’s one of his dis advantages.  For example, after deriving the lip liner tattoo a full lip, it can be removed outside the lip’s border.Tattoo in EYGPT .

The second type is medical tattoo. Medical Tattoos are accustomed guarantee instruments are properly settled for perennial application of irradiation and for the areola in some sorts of breast reconstruction. The third type is UV tattoo. Tattoo in EYGPT A tattoo that is invisible to the eyes till the tattoo is exposed to the ultraviolet light, whereat the tattoo becomes visible to the eye, and that reverts to invisible upon removal from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The tattoo is made by embedding within the skin a mix together with a non-pigmented carrier and one or many photos chromic compounds that endure a chemical science transformation from colorless to colored upon exposure to ultraviolet light. Tattoo in EYGPT

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From at least 2000 BC, evidence indicates that Nubian and Egyptian women were tattooed. These tattoos seem to have been primarily concerned with anxiety about  fertility, as well as protection during childbirth, and were also linked with Hathor and therefore, sex, love, music and dance. Tattoo is apart of Egyptian culture, and it is always linked to females. Tattoo can give us date about the person and also about the personality, we can’t link it to criminals anymore and we can’t exclude its presence expect after expose the skin to UV light. As forensic specialists we have to be update with the new tools and inks. Tattoo in EYGPT .

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