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Tattoo salon

Tattoo salon

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Tattoo salon Tattoo is the most popular body art all over the world. Many tattoo lovers think that tattoo can make them more elegant, unique and different. Creating tattoo over your skin can cause some pain, but tattoo lovers think that this pain is the pain joy and happiness.

Steps to create a tattoo

  1. Choose the design of the tattoo you like.
  2. Think about the place over your body to create the tattoo you can create tattoo over your head, arms, legs, feet, hands, inside wrist, neck and fingers.
  3. Choose the color and the size of the tattoo according to the shape you like the most.
  4. Check the place where you want to make the tattoo.
  5. Apply the tattoo over your skin.
  6. Aftercare procedure is the most important step at tattooing to avoid any infection.

Best tattoo gallery in Egypt

When you take the decision of tattooing you have to choose the right place to help your create your tattoo. Osos tattoo is the most experienced, creative and professional tattoo salon in Egypt.

Of course, the color and the size of the tattoo can be changed according to the design of the tattoo.

Osos tattoo salon is the place where you can find professional tattoo artists who can help you to choose and create your own tattoo.

You can check different shapes and pictures of tattoos through the website of Osos tattoo from Osos gallery HERE.

Tattoo salon in Egypt

  • Tattoos were known thousand years ago in the ancient Egyptian culture. Ancient Egyptians knew how to create professional tattoos.
  • There are many tattoo salons in Egypt where you can create a several shapes of tattoo. 
  • Osos tattoo salon is the best salon in Egypt where you can find many professional tattoo artists to create your own new tattoo.
  • Recently many tattoo lovers in Egypt praised the professionalism of Osos tattoo salon in Egypt.
  • You can choose from their gallery your own tattoo or you can design it by yourself.
  • Professional tattoo artists in Osos tattoo help you to create the tattoo you love.

How to contact Osos tattoo salon

Osos tattoo is located in Shobra masr, 174 El teraa Elbolakya St. you can contact them on 01001149539 working hours every day from 11 Am till 1 Am. Visit the Osos tattoo website to know more about tattoo, designs, tattoo artists and prices.

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Tattoo prices in Egypt

Tattoo prices are different depending on the size and the color of the tattoo. We advise you to visit Osos tattoo shop to get the best prices and offers about tattoo in Egypt.

If you want to check the best fashionable tattoo styles you can visit Osos tattoo website.

Different kinds of tattoo

  1. Classic traditional tattoo: Characterized by bold lines, bright colors and traditional shapes.
  2. Realism style tattoo: most tattoos of this style looks natural and real like a portrait.
  3.  Japanese tattoo: dramatic tattoo style with many colors.
  4. Black style tattoo: This style of tattooing only use the black ink to create any tattoo dramatically.
  5. Scar tattoo: Which help hiding any old scars or skin imperfections by tattooing.

Tattoo aftercare tips

  1. You have to choose the right place to create your tattoo to avoid any infection or scars over the tattoo.
  2. Follow the tattoo artist instructions to speed up healing the tattoo.
  3. Make sure that the tattoo scare heals properly.
  4. After a few hours of tattooing, you remove the bandage and wash your skin gently.
  5. Don’t ever wear tight clothes over the tattoo.
  6. Apply ointment over the tattoo.
  7. Don’t scratch The tattoo.
  8. Don’t touch the tattoo with dirty hands, wash it gently with warm water every day. Try to keep the tattoo always clean and dry.
  9. Check the tattoo every day to make sure that the redness is fading away.
  10. You have to avoid direct sunlight after tattooing.
  11. Tattoo supposed to heal in two weeks. In case you found any signs of infection or redness or any bad smell, you have to visit a doctor.
  12. Don’t use any skin products over the new tattoo.

Tattooing is a kind of skin art, many tattoo lover like to create a new tattoos over their skin. Tattoos make them feel more confident, beautiful, fashionable and unique. Tattoos can show and tell more about your personality and identity. Both women and men are addicted to tattooing.

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