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Tattoo shop Egypt

Tattoo shop Egypt

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Tattoo shop Egypt ,Nowadays, tattoo being accepted by society at least a little in Egypt, and everyone followed this trend. However, to decide on tattoos, you must have a great responsibility. Sewing design, body position, color or black and gray and, more importantly, which artist to choose? Egypt started to lack good tattoo artists, which makes this decision difficult.

Tattoo shop Egypt 

Recent evidence proves that tattoo shops are valuable, even though they cannot be compared with tattoo shops abroad. However, for some reason, they still do not reach the required quality, because there are few tattoo shops. Osos tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops Egypt, and provides high quality services to everyone at an affordable price to satisfy everyone’s taste.

The way to maintain the tattoo in Egypt shop

Once the tattoo is finished, start the care, the artist should:

•apply a thin layer of oil of petroleum on the tattoo.

• then cover the area with a bandage or plastic wrap، This coating prevents bacteria from entering your skin.

• It can also protect tattoos from rubbing and irritation on clothing.

Keep the bandage for a few hours. 

•It will help absorb any liquid or excess ink oozing from the tattoo.

•After few hours, you can remove the bandage. 

•Wash your hands first with warm water and soap.

• Then gently wash the tattoo with soap and water.

The price of tattoo shop Egypt

The price will vary according to the color, the size and if it is the first time that you use it or if you already have a previous tattoos, But the price of tattoo shop Egypt is not expensive  for everyone.

Reason for spreading tattoo shop Egypt

Like any type of fashion that appears in society and affects the psychology of its fans, he finds that those whose father or mother died while trying to draw are a good memory and when they look at it, they will be excited.

In addition to providing advice to plastic surgeons for burns or injuries caused by surgery or strapping, tattoos should also be designed to cover defects that cannot be achieved in plastic surgery and the importance of tattoos here.

How to make tattoos in shop Egypt 

by filling the ink according to the color of the needle and then inserting it under the skin and beginning to paint and sculpt on it. This process can take from 1 to 12 hours, depending on what is required. Type of paint.

Furthermore “artists ” have confirmed that special equipment has been used to disinfect special tools prior to use, and special “laser equipment” can be used to scan drawings, which can destroy tattoos that appear to regenerate blood under the skin.

This is how tattoo shop Egypt work, this may result in changes and precautions, which added, or it may not happen, we do not know.

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Tattoo in Egypt

Tattoos go back to the ancient times of the pharaonic era, where they were interested in the tattoo gods as godliness and contact with God, and the peasant class also had tattoos, therefore, peasant women found tattoos under the tattoo, recently, tattoos have been used in plastic surgery. Due to burns, sutures, and other injuries, people will experience defects until many plastic surgeons use it as an alternative to plastic surgery.

Tattoos are no longer just tattoos created by some people for beauty or altered like fashion, On our contrary, for many people, expressing their favorite wisdom or learning from life is an important aspect. Perhaps “celebrity tattooing” is one of the most famous areas. In many recent areas, changes have affected the tattoo shop Egypt.

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