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Tattoo shop

Tattoo shop

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Tattoo shop From roses, hearts, butterflies to letters and phrases, this is how the art of “tattooing” has evolved in recent years in ornaments that invade the bodies of  women and  men sometimes even without them. The strangest thing is that your goal goes beyond The desire to perform aesthetic gestures on a certain part of the human body has become a means of expressing emotions, feelings and ideas and transmitting information, Tattoo shop have become the language of the times.

Tattoo shop

A tattoo is a permanent mark or design on the skin, using the color applied by the pigment inserted into the crack in the top layer of the skin where make in tattoo shop, one of the best of tattoo shop is osos tattoo, The word  of tattoo derives from the term (Tahitian), which means a sign, and the tattoo is applied by an all human being, Culture has existed for hundreds of years, but this idea has not been recognized by .  society until recently in the United State

 Mechanism of the tattoo 

The tattoo is made by a manual sewing machine, in tattoo shop  which acts as a tailor, which contains one or more needles that pierce the skin again and again, because in the case of a small drop of ink that perforates each pinhole The ink will be inserted, but it will make the tattoo bleed if it is not anesthetized, and it is accompanied by great pain, and draws the tattoo by hand, pricks the skin with a needle and injects the ink by hand, this method it’s a bit in the world. The place is still used.

Post-tattoo skin care

  • New tattoos should be treated the   same as new wounds to reduce possible side effects in the future•
  • Therefore, within two weeks of the tattoo, the patient must follow the following steps
  • Fill the tattoo with a thin layer of oil, then bandage it.
  • After 24 hours, remove the bandage and wash the tattoo with sterile soap and water.
  •  Apply the antibacterial ointment twice a day on the tattoo.
  •  Wash the tattoo several times a day with soap and water, then gently pat to dry the area.
  •  After washing and drying, immediately apply an ointment or moisturizer to maintain the humidity in the area.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing that is tight on the tattoo area and avoid direct sunlight. 

 The history of tattoos 

Since ancient times, it has been a popular practice to add decorative illustrations to the skin: as early as 4000 BC, clay dolls that showed that the Egyptians used tattoos were discovered and practiced in various art forms. Goods. Tattoos of different cultures come from different worlds: for example, around 500 BC, the Japanese began using tattoos for cosmetic and religious purposes and were later used to mark known criminals as part of their punishment, the Tatar. The popularity of the ha continued to grow during this period, Twenty years later, in the nineteenth century, tattoos became popular in British high society. Winston Churchill’s mother drew a snake on her wrist,  In the United States, tattoos have always been linked to sailors, motorcycles and prisoners because tattoo shops are dangerous and unacceptable in society, and major changes have taken place in thinking. As for the tattoo in the 1980s, it is increasingly popular with men and women of all ages 

Disadvantage of tattoo 

Because tattoos that in tattoo shop  must break down the barrier (skin barrier) that protects people from bacteria, tattoos pose health risks, including infections and allergies, Modern smokers can reduce these risks by following universal precautions and precautions, using “single use” tools, and sterilizing their equipment after each use. Many jurisdictions require smokers to receive training on how to treat blood-borne diseases, such as those provided by the Red Cross and Usha. In amateur tattoos, such as those used in prisons.

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Cosmetic tattoo 

lips tattoo, in tattoo shop is  A beauty technique that uses tattoos as a form of cosmetics and includes constant makeup, blemishes and skin neutralization or discoloration, Permanent makeup is the use of tattoos to enhance the effect of eyebrows, lips, eyes and moles, usually using natural, unfocused colors.

Tattoos are no longer just tattoos created by some people for beauty or fashion, on the contrary, for many people, expressing their favorite wisdom or learning from life is an important aspect. Perhaps “Celebrity Tattoo” is one of the most famous tattoo In many recent areas, the changes have affected Egyptian tattoo shops.


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