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Tattoo studio Egypt best

Tattoo studio Egypt best

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Tattoo studio Egypt best ,Tattooing is an art that has many lovers all over the world. Tattoo artist uses a simple machine with a very thin needle and special ink to create different shapes of tattoo with different colors on your skin. Tattoo has a long history in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Main steps to create a tattoo:

  1. Choose the design and the style of the tattoo that you prefer.
  2. Choose the color and the size of the tattoo.
  3. Check the tattoo studio Egypt best where you want to create your tattoo. Tattoo studio hygiene is the most important issue you had to check.
  4. Think about the place over your body where you want to create the tattoo. If it’s your first time to create tattoo, tattoo artist will advise to create tattoo in a place that is not painful.
  5. Prepare yourself for a little bit pain during tattooing process.
  6. Pay attention to aftercare tips to avoid any infections or scars. Tattoo studio Egypt best

Tattoo major styles:

  1. Traditional tattoo style: has a special classic shapes with a bold lines and permanent tattoo ink. This style of tattoo is beautiful, timeless and fashionable.
  2. Cosmetic tattoo: Every women like cosmetic tattoo. Cosmetic tattoo is a cosmetic technique that can be used in permanent or impermanent make up like tattooing lips, eye brows and eye liner.
  3. Medical tattoo: is usually used to cure and hide the different imperfections over your skin or any old scars over the face or body. it’s very useful in conceal face and body scarring.
  4. Watercolor tattoo gained a popularity recently, especially between women and teenagers. Water color tattoo is good looking with a different colors and special simple designs.
  5. Black work tattoo: is a kind of tattoo that depends on only the black color on all the tattoos. Black work tattoos can range between the very small and simple tattoo to a big and complex one.
  6. Tattoo studio Egypt best

Tattoo studio Egypt best

There are many tattoo studios in Egypt where you can create your own unique tattoo safely. Osos tattoo is one of the most professional tattoo studios in Egypt. Osos tattoo has a very professional tattoo artists who can help you choose the tattoo design, size and color and help you create your own tattoo successfully. 

Osos tattoo and the standards to maintain hygiene

Osos tattoo is tattoo studio Egypt best place to maintain the hygiene, they strict standards to maintain hygiene. Everything they use in tattooing process is always clean and sterilized to avoid the risk of infection.

While tattooing process there would be some bleeding and may be scars so you have to choose a clean and sterilized tattoo studio to avoid any infection.

Osos tattoo is tattoo studio Egypt best place to create tattoo safely without any infections.

How to contact Osos tattoo

Osos tattoo is located in Shobra masr, 174 El teraa Elbolakya St. you can contact them on 01001149539 working hours every day from 11 Am till 1 Am. You can also visit Osos tattoo website to check the variety styles of tattoo in their gallery from Here.

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         Kindly contact Osos tattoo and reserve your appointment and to create your new unique tattoo.

Tattooing aftercare tips

  1. Choose a tattoo studio that can maintain the hygiene to create your tattoo to avoid and infections.
  2. Follow tattoo artist instructions to speed up healing the tattoo.
  3. After a few hours of tattooing you can remove the bandage and wash the tattoo gently with a warm water.
  4. Don’t wear tight clothes over the tattoo until it heals properly.
  5. Apply some ointment over the tattoo.
  6. Don’t touch the tattoo with dirty hands, and wash it daily with a warm water.
  7. Check it every day to make sure that it healing and the redness is fading away.
  8. Tattoo is supposed to heal in two weeks. If you found any signs of infections or redness or and bad smell you should visit a doctor.
  9. Don’t use any chemical products over the tattoo.
  10. Avoid the direct sunlight after tattooing.
  11. In case you want to remove the tattoo you can do that easily by laser or silicon and surgeries.

Tattoo can show you identity and your personality, it’s a kind of skin art that many people like all over the world. Most of tattoos are not randomly designed they express and hold a heavy meaning. Many people like tattoo to hide skin imperfections and scars. We advise you to contact Osos tattoo which is tattoo studio Egypt best place to create your new unique tattoo.

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