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Tattoo studio Egypt

Tattoo studio Egypt

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Tattoo studio Egypt ,Recently, tattoos became popular in Egypt, in seaside resorts and beaches, tattoos spread between young men and women, and between boys and girls. You will see that tattoos are very beautiful, and they known with different names and shapes.  

Tattoo studio Egypt

 There are many tattoo studios in Egypt; Osos Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops in Egypt, offering high quality services to everyone with responsible prices…

The difference between permanent tattoos and temporary tattoos?

  1. Permanent tattoos this method can guarantee that the design is always durable and, unfortunately, it can only be removed by a painful laser treatment, which will not give your 100% expected effect. Temporary needles are used for tattoos, passing ink to the skin in dotted form, while drawing the shape you want. As we mentioned above, because the tattoo will last forever, you need to choose the shape you want to design carefully, because this design will be with you for the rest of your life, and you need to choose the right location.
  2.  Temporary tattoos or tattoos are one of the modern therapies designed to decorate various parts of the human body. Sometimes it will decorate the area well, so it is usually  Used to draw eyebrows or lips, but there are other things to consider.Tattoo studio Egypt .

Tattoo removing in tattoo studio Egypt 

Tattoo can be removed in whole or in part with a laser, Usually black inks and some colored inks can be eliminated almost completely, The cost and pain associated with tattoo removal are generally higher than the cost and pain associated with tattooing, Before the laser, the methods of tattoo removal are as follows:

  1. Skin peel، where the surgeon can remove the surface and the central part of the tattoo, then fix the tattoo ink deep into the skin using a bandage and replacing it, the result is to remove all the pigmented tattoo ink in the middle and can leave under the scar. 
  2. Rubbing the skin with salt, Use water and salt particles to peel off the top layer of the skin. 
  3.  Freezing by placing liquid nitrogen on the skin instead of tattooing the liquid and then freezing the liquid, where all of the tattoos and skin were cut and removed, and then the wound was locked with medical sutures; these old methods are almost entirely replaced by laser treatment.Tattoo studio Egypt .

Advantages of tattoo

Tattoo studio Egypt has more advantage like:

•Tattoos cover a points and scars that a person doesn’t want to show for some reason, because the body may have some flaws and the person doesn’t want to show it, so the tattoo hides it, which give you a good look and appearance.

• according to a study published in the American Journal of Human Biology، the second and third preparations for tattoos are better than the first preparations for tattoos، that is، more tattoos، ours The more the body can bear it.

•Likewise، the same study said: Tattoos can reduce stress and improve the health of certain diseases such as migraines.

• Tattoo and its repetitive work will boost your immune system. A study published in the American Journal of Human Biology shows that the tattoo stimulates a person’s immune response, when the immune system detects foreign bodies that invade your body, it will send antibodies to attack it.

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Price of tattoo in tattoo studio Egypt 

The price is depending on color, size and place where you create the tattoo. Over all, the price of tattoo in Egypt studio is not expensive.

The tattoo is no longer just a tattoo created by some people for beauty or changing it to fashion, on the contrary, for many people, expressing their favorite wisdom or learning from life is an important aspect, 

We like to create tattoos to enjoy the exciting tattoo experience, do not be late to create new tattoos and enjoy new experiences in tattoo studio Egypt.

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